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Logistics Section Order Operation Procedure

Order Operation Procedure

1. Each department should enter the wanted materials (including 
    class and function) (enter the correct delivery date, time, 
    course name, and lecturer) at least 3 days before(not 
    including the delivery date or holidays) the delivery date 
    through the logistics center; after that, save the file and print 
    the distribution application form, the bottom of which should 
    be signed by the filler, lecturer (or attorney), and department 
    director (or attorney), with the contact telephone number. 
    The original copy should be submitted to the logistics center 
    as soon as possible, so that the logistics center, after 
    integration, can contact the factories for related purchase.
2. The Logistics center is responsible for rendering the account 
    every month. After gathering, the logistics center provides the
    voucher and order list to each department for review, so that 
    each department can control the practice material fees of each
    class. However, as for the materials purchased by each 
    individual unit, the individual unit must apply for 
    eimbursement by itself.
3. In the end of June every year, the logistics center integrates 
   and works out the dried food material bidding requirements 
   for the next semester, and submits the requirements to the 
   General Affairs Office for uniform handling.


Logistics Center Food Acceptance and Distribution Operation Procedure

1. Prepare the food material go-cart in the purchase area
2. Label
3. The factory purchases 
4. Accept and store
5. Collect the material
6. Return the material

Equipment borrowing

Logistic Center Equipment Borrowing Operation Procedure
Fill in the equipment borrowing application form
Sort and count the lent equipment for the day
Return the equipment/pay if damaged or lost
Store the equipment/archive the borrowing application form
Transfer the equipment to another unit
Equipment collocation, restoration and inventory