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Construction & Maintenance Div.

About Construction and Maintenance Section

關於營繕組Major responsibilities are construction and maintenance of water, electricity, air-conditioners, telephones and communication, drinking water, elevators, civil architecture, wooden decoration, etc. throughout the entire campus.

    • If there is repair needed due to damage, it will be collected by the use and management unit to report the repair online (e.g. dormitory supervisor and office in each department). Public property on-campus should be used with care. Energy should be saved.
    • To respond to energy saving efforts, control of total quantity is adopted. Air-conditioners are turned on as planned in the curriculum schedule to effectively control and realize effective energy saving. If air-conditioner is needed during non-class times (or in replacement classrooms), students can apply online for use three days in advance with the help of an assistant in the department and send the application form to the construction and maintenance section.