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About Logistics Section


69_81ee4da1.gifMain Working Items

Plan and manage catering equipment, warehouse check, borrow and lend, repair damages, receive orders, distribution, warehousing and check and record functional raw material in the cooking department and the promotion and education class. 

1. Origins:

The National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism is the first to establish a professional hospitality and tourism department. The department was founded to match the university’s core values of professionalism, entrepreneurship, humanity and internationalization, increase competitiveness and realize the goal of sustainable operation. The department has set up a “logistics center” which was planned since the 2004 academic year and formally put into use in 2005, in order to make a unified plan and proper utilization of resources related to teaching and on-campus activities.

2. Establishment philosophy

To develop resource sharing, reduce implementation costs, increase teaching benefits, achieve the goal of cutting costs while increasing expenditure, and integrate the school’s resources to efficiently enhance the overall utilization of resources. 

3. Development Goals

(1)     Integrate and implement the effective utilization and management of resources to achieve the goal of professional management.

(2)     Establish an administrative culture of actively serving and sharing resources to achieve the goal of entrepreneurial management.

(3)     Reduce the working costs of the center, effectively manage and actively provide service, make best use of the resources, provide smooth logistics, and achieve a win-win situation for both the management and execution units.

(4)     Set up humanity working environment, and strengthen responsibility education, train the working attitude of diversity and inclusion.