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About Document Section

fMajor responsibilities are management of printed letters, reception and dispatch of official documents and mail management 

  • Sealing of various documents, borrowing of printed letters for bid invitations and management of receiving and dispatching confidential documents
  • Regulation and inquiries of official document, distribution of received documents (letters) and management of distributed documents
  • Mail management  
    • Mail forward for boarder: Registered mail for boarders are first received by clerical section, loaded and picked up by the cadre of the student dormitory. The cadre then forwards mails to the boarder. Mail must be addressed clearly by the sender with dormitory number and room number for the convenience of forwarding mail. 
    • Mail pick-up for non-boarder: Mail for non-boarders must be clearly addressed with major, department and class of the receiver for the convenience of forwarding mail. Registered mail and packages must be picked up by presenting student card or other ID card. Mail that is not picked up after clerical section gives notice will be announced on the campus information website for 3 days. If it is still not picked up, the mail will be returned. 
    •  Mail inquiry: Visit campus information website (http://cmp.nkuht.edu.tw)→ student or new student →apply system→ mail inquiry system. Enter inquiry range and name of receiver before starting inquiry.