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About of General Affairs

關於總務長室Major responsibility is a comprehensive management of affairs.

    • It establishes a clerical section, affairs section, operation management section, cashier section, construction and maintenance section, as well as an environment and safety section, 6 sections in total, to handle all kinds of affairs; furthermore, general affairs meetings are held.
    • With the policy goal of green energy saving, it provides excellent campus teaching equipment and spaces, to practice LOHAS growth and achieve the establishment goals of the campus, including professionalism, entrepreneurship, humanity and internationalization.
    • It actively strengthens the service conduct of employees and their attitudes and abilities in facing and solving problems; executes shift system in department, cultivates the broadness and deepness of positions of employees, encourages employees’ in-service education and acquisition of professional certificates, increases quality and efficiency of service; furthermore, it implements individuals’ careers and career plans.    
    • Specific conduct concerning on-campus improvements includes: