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About Cashier Div

小花.gifMajor responsibilities are expenditures and cashing, keeping valuable paper in account and custody, claim income tax, cash deposits of various accounts on-campus and account reconciliation, as well as other relevant business。 

  • Receive and refund expenses upon registrationTuition and fees, as well as agent fees, can be paid in branches of First Bank in all regions or paid by credit card over the telephone (including China Trust, Ji Sun International Bank, Cathay United Bank, Bank Of Overseas Chinese, E. Sun Commercial Bank and Anshin Bank). Those who satisfy requirements of reduction and exemption (aboriginal people, low income, kids of people who have slight, medium and serious physical disabilities) can handle formalities in the office of student affairs before exchanging the receipt in the cashier section; those who satisfy requirements for student loans shall handle formalities in the office of student affairs; if an outstanding balance exists, exchange the receipt in cashier section and then pay remainder to the bank to complete registration formalities. If there is no need for payment, exchanging the receipt in the cashier section will not be necessary. 

  • Loss of student card and application for obtaining academic transcript: Operate, pay and print by yourself in the payment machine on floor 1 in the administrative building. You can also fill in an application form for the relevant certificate in the office of academic affairs and then pay in the cashier section of the general affairs office. Then, send the receipt to the registration section to replace or print academic transcripts.