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Environmental Div.

About Environment Safety and Sanitation Section

關於環安組Major responsibility is to maintain the on-campus environment as a secure and well-managed place.

    • Formulate a hazard prevention plan and guide relevant departments in its execution
    • Plan and monitor security health management.
    • Regular checks, focus checks and other monitoring and review matters.
    • Regular or irregular tour inspection
    • Handle security health education  
    • Plan health checks and execute health management
    • Monitor occupational hazard surveys and disposal, and handle hazard statistics
    • Arrange new students for orientation training concerning environment security and health education. It mainly aims at making students recognize security in practice locations and relevant notes. In addition to increasing students’ knowledge of practice locations, it also makes students highlight the security of these practice locations. According to analysis on hazard surveys, approximately 98% of accidents are due to human errors. In order to prevent re-occurrence of accidents and human errors, it hopes teachers and students work together to abide by security and safety working guidelines, promote environment security work and provide them with the best guarantee for safety.